About us

Is 30 years of experience a lot or little? For us it's long enough to get to know what we do, it means shoes. The history of our manufactory dates back to 1982. Then the first "shoes" began to appear. Including this in brackets is justified, because according to today's standards we wouldn't call it footwear. Over time, we developed, gained experience, learned from the better.

In the nineties of the last century, borders opened and we could see what the "real" world looks like, of course, this also applies to footwear. At that time, we realized how much still separates us from the masters of this profession, both in terms of quality and design. We had two choices: give up and change the industry or grab the proverbial bull by the corners and catch up the lost time. It was never easy, many times we were overcome with doubt, we didn't always meet honest people on our way, but in the end there were always moments of pride and satisfaction. Because shoes have become our live. We can't imagine us in another industry, another profession.

We aren't a factory but also we aren't a craft business. We are a manufacture and we take advantage of the possibilities that modern technology gives us, which relieves a man in arduous and monotonous works. Shoemakers with master titles keep watch over each pair of shoes. We value Polish specialists. Just like Italian materials, which we choose personally. Thanks to this, we are sure that the product will be of the highest quality. Our small, family-owned manufacture has been located in Częstochowa and we here manufacture shoes in short series and for individual orders

The production of our shoes isn't huge and we don't want them to be. We create highly individualized collections in short series. We don't strive to make our company a production tape that produces thousands of identical products. Probably sometimes we have too much fantasy and imagination, but what would be a job that doesn't bring pleasure? "Do what you like and you will never have to work." - these words are attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius. We would be lying that we are doing it 100 percent, because we are limited by ordinary mundane matters, but we strive for it every day. We would like every pair who leave our workshop and go to the client to be the expression of all our passion, energy and fascination, which we put into the creation of our shoes.

maccioni is a Polish brand with more than 30 years of tradition and Italian roots. This is a combination of the best, unconventional Italian style with Polish, high quality workmanship and many years of craftsmanship experience. It was created out of love for Italy, fascinated with fashion and feminine beauty. Women's shoes are our passion.

We know how to create shoes for generations, with a great passion for Italian taste. We know that every shoe requires a great deal of individual treatment and therefore every step of their creation is supervised by experienced shoemakers, which guarantees exceptional workmanship and detail. We value Polish professionals. Same as the Italian material we choose personally. Thanks to this, we are sure that the product will be of the highest quality. Our small family factory has been in Czestochowa for years and it is here that we produce handmade ladies' shoes in short series and individual orders.

Every day, bearing in mind our motto, "Beautiful shoes are worn for a while, comfortable shoes - all the time", we create solidly made, beautiful and comfortable women's shoes. The core of our collection is elegant footwear and is timelessly, but we do not shy away from courageous designs and surprising color combinations. We are constantly expanding our collections to include sandals, sneakers, pumps, lords and peep toe shoes. We want to meet the desires of many women, so we offer a wide selection of designs, colors and sizes, while striving to ensure that our models do not lose sight of the originality and taste they have always had.

Maccioni.pl team